Tweets on 2011-08-05

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D’s mom and dad were, the other day, looking at travel options for a pilgrimage tour that they’ve been intending to make. I checked for flight availability and pricing. The minimum price that I could find around the planned dates was around Rs 30,000. They canceled that option in an instant. No second thoughts. No […]

Tweets on 2011-07-29

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I take all the pain in this world and run around to surrender my BSNL landline and broadband connections and what does BSNL do? Merrily sends me a bill for the full month as if nothing had happened. Business as usual. Ignore the customer. Tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun. I’ll be […]

Tweets on 2011-07-22

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Here’s a quote that I liked from the book Automatic Wealth. Meanwhile, keep in mind that even though the material things you hunger for are indisputably of value, unless you have the financial capacity to keep them, to maintain them, and to replace them, you don’t have wealth. You simply have its obligations. Here’s something […]

Tweets on 2011-06-02

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If I could make one wish, I’d honestly wish that a copy of my Jeevan Anand surrender request letter be stapled right on top of the policy document that you see in the video below. Now, that would be one insane — but totally spot-on — wish, wouldn’t it? [Here’s the video link if you […]

Tweets on 2010-10-06

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Vocation, Career, and Job. I think these definitions are spot-on: A job is simply any situation where you are paid in exchange for your labor. A career is a sequence of jobs in a similar field that ideally lead to promotion within that field. A vocation is what you were born to do. Your vocation […]