Tweets on 2012-05-11

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So, here’s some of the “expert” unactionable advise I’ve read of late (in a personal finance magazine) — Markets are receding, but it’s not the time to go bottom fishing. There will be enough opportunities and some! Which opportunities? When? How much? Are you willing to place a bet on your own advice? And I […]

Tweets on 2012-03-07

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Read elsewhere — Risk is typically measured as the variability of returns. Thus, a bank fixed deposit with sure shot 10 percent returns versus a mid-cap stock that could return 30 percent or lose 10 percent have very different risk-return profiles. I also happened to read an interview with the CEO of a life insurance […]

Tweets on 2012-02-26

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The hidden message being — We managed to fool you all these years under the guile of “Premium Allocation Charges.” No one in this industry knows why there has to be a special charge just to allocate your premium (premium = your hard-earned money). And no one in this industry even wants to know why […]

Tweets on 2012-02-20

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AMB CHRG INCL ST & CESS FOR JAN 2012. That’s the cryptic transaction wording seen in my HDFC Bank Savings Account for a debit of Rs 386.05. I think I know what this sneaky charge is for — for non-maintenance of some minimum average cash balance in my savings account. HDFC Bank has levied this […]

Tweets on 2012-02-04

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Travel, travel, and more travel. To California and then to Mumbai. That’s been the theme over the past month. All on official work. Capital Advisor was on auto-pilot for some time and then once the scheduled posts ran out things went a bit quiet since I couldn’t find the time to write. Over the next […]

Tweets on 2011-12-21

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An excerpt from an interview published in a recent issue of Outlook Money: The biggest challenge for my company [Star Union Dai-ichi] is how to sell Ulips and give good returns to our intermediaries who are our corporate agents. At present, big banks that are giving us distribution business includes Bank of India and seven […]

Tweets on 2011-12-16

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Mutual funds today provide helpful tools like systematic transfer plans that can help the investors achieve the derisking objective with ease and convenience. Read in the December 14, 2011 issue of Outlook Money. I wonder why they even consider publishing such expert commentary. As an investor, have you ever had a “Derisking objective that you […]

Tweets on 2011-10-19

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Found this really interesting analogy between flying and personal finance on Morningstar (emphasis mine): Let me tell you a story about when I used to be an airline pilot back and in another life. Before 9/11, we could get up and wander back in the cabin and talk to passengers and stretch our legs and […]

Tweets on 2011-08-22

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[Follow Capital Advisor on Google+ @ for short personal finance commentary that you won’t read here.] Look what I found in my email: Greetings from Club Mahindra! We are pleased to inform you that Club Mahindra is offering you an exclusive membership package that includes: 1-week of International Holiday through Dial-an-Exchange 7-days holiday for […]

On the Road to Bankruptcy

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It’s really not a good sign when you ask for your packages at the front desk and they point you to the luggage cart and ask you to lug it to your room by yourself. I’m well on the road to becoming bankrupt. Thankfully, I’m flying out on Thursday night. Then there’s still that […]