Revisited Again (and Again!) — Frequently Asked Questions About the Sodexo Meal Coupons and Sodexo Meal Cards

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The recent Sodexo Meal Coupon fiasco seems to be causing a whole bunch of stress and heartburn to employees everywhere. Read through this FAQ issued by D’s office to see the kind of thought’s running through employees’ minds — Why are you changing the existing agreement? Why can’t we continue with the same? The Law […]

Revisited — What’s Your Office Doing With the Sodexo Meal Vouchers For Financial Year 2012 — 2013?

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A couple of weeks back, I’d asked what your office was doing with the Sodexo Meal Vouchers for Financial Year 2012 – 2013. Then, my office hadn’t yet declared a Sodexo Meal Voucher policy for the new financial year but D’s office had and I’d published that. My office just declared our policy (emphasis and […]

How to Improve the Sodexo Coupon System?

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At work, I have the option to opt for Sodexo Meal Coupons. The income-tax benefits on these food coupons are good enough a reason to opt for this facility. But the physical-voucher form of these coupons really needs to change — especially when you have card-based equivalents for competition. It’s a pain to use these […]