Tweets on 2010-08-01

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Do you see any advantage in using “premium” fuel for your vehicle or is it simply a cost that you should avoid? I’ve owned both a Santro (sold at 45,000+ kms) and a Swift (currently at 32,000+ kms) and have never ever seen a performance/mileage difference when using “premium” fuel. Note: I didn’t run-in my […]

Increase your Santro’s mileage

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Here is the much awaited scoop on the magic additive for increasing your Santro’s mileage. Personally, I experience a 2 km improvement in my Santro Xing’s mileage. A word of caution: Check with your authorised service technician before using this additive. Public service advertisement BARDAHL Auto Additives Special Injector Klene Approved by Hyundai Provides quick […]