A PPF Calculator

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The following post is a sponsored post. PPF calculator refers to the simple calculator that determines interest earned on your investment in PPF account. The basic idea behind PFF calculator is compounding the interest on your investment. Although, you can exercise this method manually when you have to calculate interest for one year. But when […]

Asked and Answered: Earning Interest On Your Public Provident Fund Account After Maturity

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Reader Subrata writes-in: My Public Provident Fund (PPF) account shall complete the original term of 15-years plus an extended term of 05-years in February, 2012. But I’d like to withdraw the balance only in September, 2013 to coincide with my retirement. Will my PPF account continue to earn interest in the interim period from February, […]

Reliance Life Traditional Golden Years Plan — A Guaranteed Pension Plan Or A Guaranteed Tension Plan?

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I first read about this pension plan in the ET dated June 22, 2010. I was intrigued. Basically, Reliance Life Traditional Golden Years Plan is a regular premium retirement plan that provides guaranteed return, which is declared at the beginning of every financial year during the product term. So far so good. But, The minimum […]

Tweets on 2010-05-26

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Mithun asks, I read your research on pension plans. But what exactly do you mean by “Save each month. Compound your savings in debt instruments…???” Simple. Rather than paying an obscene premium for 30 years and making the life insurance company obscenely profitable while you receive a paltry pension, you can build a very decent […]

Tweets on 2009-01-22

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I’ve been working on improving a few Excel-based calculators that I have previously published. Specifically, I have improved the following calculators: The enhanced Public Provident Fund investment calculator now provides monthly calculations for a period up to twenty-five years. [Link to the original article.] The enhanced Car Loan EMI calculator now supports both Advance EMI […]

Tweets on 2008-03-05

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Equity is the panacea for all problems. We estimate the future cost of your daughters’ marriage in 15 years time to be Rs 96 lacs. Hence you need to start saving/investing now by handing over your money to a gamut of equity mutual funds. This is a gist of the advice given by a popular […]