Asked and Answered: March, 2011

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Here’s what was asked and answered by Capital Advisor in March, 2011. It’s a loan closure special. If you have a question on managing your personal finances, send me an email and I’ll respond at the earliest. If your question’s beneficial to a wider audience, I’ll publish it in a future edition of “Asked and […]

Tweets on 2009-01-22

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I’ve been working on improving a few Excel-based calculators that I have previously published. Specifically, I have improved the following calculators: The enhanced Public Provident Fund investment calculator now provides monthly calculations for a period up to twenty-five years. [Link to the original article.] The enhanced Car Loan EMI calculator now supports both Advance EMI […]

How to Calculate the Loan Amortization Schedule (EMI, Principal, and Interest Components) for Your Personal Loan?

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Download my Personal Loan EMI Calculator Excel workbook. This workbook has six sheets, one each for a loan duration ranging from one year to six years. Select the sheet corresponding to the loan duration you’re thinking of. For example: select the sheet labeled “3 Years” if you’re looking for a personal loan that you want […]

Know Your Rights: From May 01, 2007 Your Bank Should Compulsorily Tell You Why Your Loan Application Was Rejected

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Public Service Announcement From a recent RBI circular: Guidelines on Fair Practices Code for Lenders Earlier, Banks/FIs were advised that loan application forms in respect of priority sector advances up to Rs. 2.00 lakhs should be comprehensive and should include information about the fees/charges, if any, payable for processing, the amount of such fees refundable […]