Some Entertainment For a Monday Afternoon

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I happened to read somewhere about this Entertainment Opportunities Fund and when you look at the performance of the fund you cannot help but question as to who’s actually having the entertainment! If you’ve invested your hard-earned money in this fund I’m pretty sure that you haven’t been entertained! In general, the more esoteric the […]

Testing the Waters Of Early Retirement — A Radical Shift In My Investing Strategy

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In my most recent early retirement update, I’d published the below chart — This chart illustrates potential monthly income earned and actual expenses incurred as a function of time over the past four-quarters. I’d explained these terms further by saying — When I say potential income, I am referring to any passive income plus the […]

Tweets on 2011-12-16

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Mutual funds today provide helpful tools like systematic transfer plans that can help the investors achieve the derisking objective with ease and convenience. Read in the December 14, 2011 issue of Outlook Money. I wonder why they even consider publishing such expert commentary. As an investor, have you ever had a “Derisking objective that you […]

Tweets on 2011-09-12

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From Value Research (emphasis mine): Unfortunately, a proportion of investors seem to have the expectation that an SIP is a sort of a magical device that can protect them from all losses. It’s not. An SIP means that you keep investing though the ups and downs of the markets, ensuring that at least part of […]

How Many Mutual Funds From the Same Fund House Is Too Many Mutual Funds?

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Diversification is the other panacea commonly suggested in leading personal finance publications. Too many “experts” take the concept of diversification too much to heart (in my opinion, it’s all a result of high-fee business education). For example, in a recent issue of Mutual Fund Insight, the “experts” often asked “Why the reader had chosen to […]

When Do I Buy Into Mutual Funds?

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My mutual fund investing strategy is anything but systematic. While I do know how much money I want to set aside each month for investing in mutual funds (across various financial goals), I don’t follow the common Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) strategy (I used to do that at one point in time by investing on […]

Tweets on 2010-07-11

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How would you name a mutual fund that: Will invest in companies that are not in the Top 100 stocks by market capitalization. Will not invest in companies that have a market capitalization of less than Rs 100 crore. Emerging Bluechip Fund??? I’m quite sure many will be misled into investing simply by the usage […]

Tweets on 2010-06-26

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Look at investments without knowing their price — because if you see the price, it automatically has some influence on you. Source: I did exactly that when I recently constructed my mutual funds portfolio — an SIP in HDFC’s Top 200 Fund to begin with. By the way, if you’re invested in the same […]

Tweets on 2010-06-23

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ET reports: Hit hard by the mass exodus of investors, amounting to an average of over one lac a month, the mutual fund houses are knocking on the doors of SEBI, which in turn is mulling over possible remedial actions including an expanded distribution model for these investment products. Over four lac investors are estimated […]

Tweets on 2009-06-15

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Mutual funds are a grossly mis-sold, mis-positioned, and mis-communicated financial product in India — Dipen Seth, Money Today, June 25, 2009. Add misunderstood to that list. Add Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) to that list.