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From Value Research (emphasis mine): Unfortunately, a proportion of investors seem to have the expectation that an SIP is a sort of a magical device that can protect them from all losses. It’s not. An SIP means that you keep investing though the ups and downs of the markets, ensuring that at least part of […]

How Many Mutual Funds From the Same Fund House Is Too Many Mutual Funds?

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Diversification is the other panacea commonly suggested in leading personal finance publications. Too many “experts” take the concept of diversification too much to heart (in my opinion, it’s all a result of high-fee business education). For example, in a recent issue of Mutual Fund Insight, the “experts” often asked “Why the reader had chosen to […]

When Do I Buy Into Mutual Funds?

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My mutual fund investing strategy is anything but systematic. While I do know how much money I want to set aside each month for investing in mutual funds (across various financial goals), I don’t follow the common Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) strategy (I used to do that at one point in time by investing on […]

Investment Strategies: IDFC Infrastructure Bonds — A Simple Way To Decide Whether To Invest Or Not

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Here’s what I suggest. Ignore all those complicated analysis (an example) of yields and returns and comparisons with other fixed-return financial products. Buy these bonds if and only if: Your objective is to lower your income tax, and You fall in one of the highlighted cells below. In such a case, opt for the Series […]

Investment Strategies: Mandatory Investments And Why You Should Minimize Them

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When you plan your investment portfolio, it’s a good idea to choose those financial instruments that do not require you to make mandatory investments each month. With this strategy, you gain financial flexibility i.e. you can invest whatever amount you can into your investment portfolio at that point in time. For example: Suppose you choose […]