Guest Post: Last Opportunity [in 2011] to Invest in Infrastructure Bonds (Under Section 80CCF)

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The following is a guest post from reader Nikhil Shah and deals with the intricacies of investing in the soon to close investment opportunity in L&T’s Infrastructure Bond issue along with the income tax angle. Earlier this year, Nikhil had also put-up a detailed analysis of the previous L&T bond issue. Dear All, The year […]

Asked and Answered: February, 2011

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Here’s what was asked and answered by Capital Advisor in February, 2011. If you have a question on managing your personal finances, send me an email and I’ll respond at the earliest. If your question’s beneficial to a wider audience, I’ll publish it in a future edition of “Asked and Answered,” without revealing your personal […]

Investment Strategies: IDFC Infrastructure Bonds — A Simple Way To Decide Whether To Invest Or Not

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Here’s what I suggest. Ignore all those complicated analysis (an example) of yields and returns and comparisons with other fixed-return financial products. Buy these bonds if and only if: Your objective is to lower your income tax, and You fall in one of the highlighted cells below. In such a case, opt for the Series […]