Happy Independence Day!

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Wishing you all a very happy Independence Day! I still remember this moment from two-years ago. I’m extremely happy to say that since then I haven’t had a rupee in debt and I am well ahead on the road to financial independence. If you haven’t already, now’s really a great time to start working on […]

The iPhone 4 Temptation!

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It’s irresistibly tempting. My head spins non-stop with how-can-I afford-this thoughts. Since the iPhone 4 launched [in India], I’ve had these financially-destructive thoughts: Dip — no, make that dive — into my emergency fund. In a weird way this does count as an emergency because my present phone, a Nokia E52, has had its share […]

Financial Independence vs. Financial Freedom — Is There a Difference Between the Two?

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I believe there is. The more I read-up on financial independence and financial freedom, the more I’m beginning to appreciate the subtle differences between these two terms — or rather, phases in one’s personal finance journey. Here’s what I have learned. Financial Independence = Zero-debt plus Adequate Emergency Funds plus Adequate Health Insurance Cover plus […]

Lessons Learned In My Quest for Financial Independence: What Type Of Financial Investments Should You Avoid?

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You already know that after retiring my debt — early in the second half of last year — financial independence has been my priority. It’s already been over six months into my quest for financial independence and during this time I’ve been working on building my financial independence portfolio. Now, most of us wish to […]

Tweets on 2010-09-07

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A reader asks, What should one do if one has repaid all debts, owns a home, leads a simple life (no cars, clubs, or expensive holidays), is sitting on a pile of cash (most of it in fixed deposits) and has no continuous stream of income except for paycheck. Is this person very close to […]

What’s Your Definition of Financial Independence?

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Of late, I’ve been thinking a fair bit about financial independence. The Simple Dollar summarizes it best in defining financial independence to include: Freedom from financial reliance on loved ones Freedom from financial reliance on creditors Freedom from financial reliance on employment That set me into preparing the checklist below which constitutes what I define […]