Education. Marriage. Retirement.

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Over the past year, I’ve tried to keep tabs on the financial goals that people generally seem to have (as claimed in case studies, interviews, money makeovers, etc. published in leading personal finance publications). So, here’s the trend that I see. Most people seem to have the following set of financial goals — Daughter’s Education […]

Goals First. Investments Next.

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Here’s a question that I often receive — Hi. I’ve recently started my career at a software firm. I earn Rs XX,000 per month. Being new to personal finance, I’m not aware of investment options for beginners. Could you please guide me towards suitable investment options? Whenever I see such a question or an equivalent […]

2012 Money To Dos

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After the lengthy treatise in 2011, thought I’d keep things simple in 2012. So, my primary money to dos for 2012 are: Increase my Financial Independence Portfolio by 50%. Increase my Financial Freedom Portfolio by 30%. (Using these definitions of financial independence and financial freedom.) Purchase an online term plan in my name by April […]