A Quick Primer on ERE

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A reader wrote in asking for a quick refresher on the concept of ERE. Thought it’d be a mighty good idea to write on this topic at the start of the new year — so, you now have the entire year to work on it. I create this quick PowerPoint to illustrate the key points […]

Testing the Waters Of Early Retirement — A Radical Shift In My Investing Strategy

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In my most recent early retirement update, I’d published the below chart — This chart illustrates potential monthly income earned and actual expenses incurred as a function of time over the past four-quarters. I’d explained these terms further by saying — When I say potential income, I am referring to any passive income plus the […]

The Fallacy of Traditional Retirement Calculations

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The more I read about retirement calculations in leading personal finance publications, the greater is my conviction that there is something fundamentally wrong with their methodology. Depending upon the particular case in hand (i.e. family being studied), I’ve seen figures of 4.5 crore, 6 crore, 7.2 crore, … , and recently even 14 crore thrown […]