Back on the Travel Circuit

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The past one month has been wonderful – I’ve been on three trips already! It’s a wonderful feeling after an year’s hiatus. There’s nothing more rejuvenating than a great trip with your closest friends. Here’s where I have been to recently: Nandi Hills Bandipur, Ooty, and Coonoor Chennai (office trip) Unfortunately, we accidentally deleted the […]

IndiGo to 35,000 Feet – And Beyond!

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It happened out of frustration. My previous and the second-time-in-my-life train journey from Mumbai to Vadodara and back was bad enough, but the 12-hour crowded-and-packed-with-cockroaches train journey from Mumbai to Wardah, followed by the 2.5-hour cramped bus-without-a-suspension journey from Wardah to Warora, was more than enough to test my patience. Reaching Warora, I decided on […]

We Too Wish To Be Free

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It pains me a lot to see animals – both big and small – trapped inside cages and put up as public exhibits. When I say cages, I include aquariums too. Nothing could be as worse for those poor fish than being trapped in a 6 ft x 4 ft x 2 ft glass enclosure, […]

Things You See on Indian Highways

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One of the more positive outcomes of my recent trip to Baba Amte’s Anandvan at Warora is the treasure trove of photographs I managed to capture. Anandvan is spread over an area of about 2500-acres! Predictably, it borders the Warora – Nagpur highway. And that means you can’t keep me from venturing out regularly onto […]

Off to Wardah, Maharashtra

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We’re off to Anandvan – The Forest of Bliss, Baba Amte’s ashram in Wardah, Maharashtra on a social service program. Wardah is a three-hour drive from Nagpur. Excerpts from a previous trip report (by another batch) featured on SPJIMR students visited Baba Amte’s Ashram and stayed at Anandvan, with the objective to develop social […]

The New Face of Indian

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I recently wrote about my CRM experience with Indian Airlines. Just found out that I am not alone in my opinions. Read Govindraj Ethiraj’s take on the new face of Indian – Why I Will Not Fly India’s Number One Airline… His experience roughly concurs with what I have observed – an improving Indian and […]

Taj Garden Retreat, Kumarakom

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The Taj Garden Retreat during the day. Image Copyright © 2006 – Forever, Goutham And the Taj Garden Retreat during the night – a magical transformation. Image Copyright © 2006 – Forever, Goutham I don’t know about you, but I feel like dropping whatever I am doing and rushing down for a nice relaxing holiday […]

Free Online Travel Destination Videos

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GeoBeats – – is a cool online portal that hosts professional-quality travel videos from around the world. It’s a neat way to learn about a travel destination’s people and culture. Even if you’re not travel-inclined, GeoBeats is still a great source for general knowledge. You could stumble upon a couple of videos from your […]