Problem: How Can I Embed Presentations from SlideShare into My WordPress Blog?

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Using this SlideShare WordPress plugin by Joost de Valk. Installation is pretty straightforward: Download the plugin. Unzip the downloaded file. Upload the “slideshare” folder to the plugins directory of your WordPress blog. Activate the plugin in the WordPress admin panel. Start embedding SlideShare presentations! You simply have to copy-paste the code (for example: [slideshare id=415548&doc=brainrulespzreview-1211213300619507-9&w=425]) […]

It’s An Honor To Be Featured On TechDirt

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A recent white paper on the Apple iPhone that I wrote for TechDirt’s Insight Community has been featured on the TechDirt website: TIC’s Picks: How Can Others Respond To The iPhone? Vinaya HS explains why it’s a mistake for other device makers to simply copy the iPhone, rather than leapfrogging it with new innovations (even […]

Microsoft to Give Email IDs for Every Kind of Indian – What Kind Are You?

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Let’s begin with a quick poll. How many among you would be interested in proudly owning – and more importantly, checking – the following email accounts: Now, how many among you think that owning such email addresses makes you unique? Do they tell you what kind of Indian you […]

How to Hack, Crack, or Recover a Windows System Password?

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From Ophcrack is a Windows password cracker based on a time-memory trade-off using rainbow tables. This is a new variant of Hellman’s original trade-off, with better performance. It recovers 99.9% of alphanumeric passwords in seconds. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It comes with […]

Designing Software for Simplicity

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Nick Bradbury, of FeedDemon fame, recently wrote a 7-part series titled “Simplicity Ain’t So Simple” that talks in depth about simplicity in software design. It’s a nice read for anyone who’s wondering about the complexity in today’s software and what should be done to reduce the madness and clutter. Brew these over a cup of […]

How to Add a Tag Cloud to Your Blog?

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ZoomClouds offers both ready-made and customizable tag cloud solutions for your WordPress, TypePad, or Movable Type based blog. And it’s FREE! The tag cloud is generated based on your site’s RSS feed and uses the Yahoo! Content Analysis API plus a proprietary content analysis API. You can choose the depth of content that should be […]

Switch to Internet Explorer 7

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I couldn’t resist the temptation to switch. And switch, I did. From Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 7. My initial reaction: “Things are not where they used to be!” Now I have unwaveringly used Internet Explorer since the days of Windows 95 and I can’t use a different browser even in my dreams. I […]

Portable Applications

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Have you always wanted to: Carry your web browser with all your favorite bookmarks? Carry your calendar with all your appointments? Carry your email client with all your contacts and settings? Carry your instant messenger and your buddy list? Carry your whole office suite along with your documents and presentations? Carry your antivirus program and […]