Great Advertising: Amul Macho — Now, Is There A Law Banning Vulgar Orangutans?

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Background: And When We Do Create Great Advertisements, The Government Bans Them. So, how does a creative team overcome the Information & Broadcasting Ministry’s definition of vulgarity? By employing Orangutans… Refreshingly great advertising in a world full of lame advertisements. The creative team behind this ad deserves an award!

Lame Advertising: Motorola’s Moto Yuva W230 — Seriously, This Is Not The Way To Make Your Shareholders Happy

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Three months back, we analyzed why Motorola’s shareholders were a unhappy lot. The trend continues with another honestly lame ad: If you hold Motorola shares, would you as a shareholder approve such cash-burning efforts by management? On a broader note, what’s the message Motorola’s conveying to the Indian youth? Finally, here’s a great opportunity to […]

Lame Advertising: Lux Crystal Shine — When Personal Fantasies Come In The Way Of Advertising Part #2

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Advertisements for Lux soaps and personal fantasies seem to go hand in glove. We’ve already seen Part #1 that features “a bathtub tethered to a hot-air balloon with a soaped-up model (who’s obsessed with the lather but doesn’t give a damn to much else) inside it and Aishwarya Rai with a rope clipper in her […]

Lame Advertising: Videocon — This Is How We Fund Our Lame Advertisements That Feature Multi-Crore Demanding Celebrities

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Videocon first burns shareholders’ money in creating this meaningless and irrelevant ad. And when it’s time to cut that multi-crore check to each of the multi-crore demanding celebrities, they unleash this lame scheme on the public. Maano Ya Na Maano! Pay just Rs 12,990 for the Jumbo 34 Flat TV and deposit a sum of […]

Useless Services: Vodafone Astrology Alerts — When The Company Needs The Alerts More Than You Do

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I think Vodafone, as a company, desperately needs these astrology alerts more than you do. Here’s a possible list of astrology alerts Vodafone would receive: You will continue to irritate your customers if you run this advertisement again today. PS: Not that you care two hoots for that. You will lose a lot of customers […]

Lame Advertising: Hit Insecticide — Taking The India vs. China Game To New Lows

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Do we need this when we know this? … the Chinese banks have an enormous volume of bad loans — $911 billion at May 2006, according to a later-withdrawn estimate by Ernst and Young, which must surely have ballooned to $1.2-1.3 trillion now. That explains why China Investment is somewhat un-aggressive in its international investment […]

Lame Advertising: Motorola’s Moto Yuva — No Wonder The Shareholders Are Unhappy

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If you run a mobile phone company and broadcast your wares with such lame advertisements, especially in a market considered to be Mecca of the telecom world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your shareholders are unhappy. Read: Motorola Replaces Chief With an Insider. Said the dissident shareholder Carl C. Icahn, I believe that […]

Lame Concepts: Amway — Have You Been Prospected?

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Amway’s multi-level marketing scam is alive and kicking in Bangalore. A close friend V recently experienced a “recruitment attempt” by an existing smooth-talking Amway distributor/prospector/agent/whatever at The Forum Mall. S tells me that the situation is no better in the United States of America. She’s experienced a “recruitment attempt” just days after landing in the […]

Useless Services: Airtel’s Music On Demand — The Perfect Example For Value Added Crap

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Background: Lame Marketing: Funsters And Their Economic Significance To Airtel. A couple of months later, For a monthly subscription charge of Rs 30, Airtel Live Music on Demand gives you 30 minutes of free listening time with a validity of 30 days. If you exhaust your 30 minutes within the stipulated time and want to […]