Tweets on 2008-01-17

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Crowds consists of irrational, emotional humans. We are slightly-cleverer pants-wearing monkeys. We do very dumb things when pursuing the bananas. We have not evolved to understand capital market risk. We are optimistic by nature, and tend to ignore the negative, until its staring us right in the face and cannot be denied. Then, we (irrationally) […]

Tweets on 2007-12-02

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Here’s a snippet from the latest issue of Outlook Money: Following the recent judgment by the Delhi State Commission fining ICICI Bank Rs 55 lac for using goons to recover a vehicle loan, the bank had decided to cut down on small-ticket loans. Says a senior general manager at ICICI Bank, We have cut down […]

Tweets on 2007-11-23

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We have seen two different patterns; the Japanese investors are still sending in the money, the Korean investors seem to have pulled out some money. Source: Moneycontrol India. Either the Japanese know something [about the Indian equity markets] that the Koreans don’t or the Koreans know something that the Japanese don’t. But what about you, […]

Bad Jargon, Lame Product, Lame Advertising: Bharti AXA’s AspireLife Unit-Linked Insurance Plan

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From a full-page advertisement in today’s edition of Bangalore Mirror: Bharti AXA Life Insurance presents a unit-linked insurance plan that guarantees you return of your first year premium of up to 175% at maturity and invests up to 100% of all your subsequent premiums. What kind of financial misguidance is that? Incredible. I am being […]

Tweets on 2007-11-01

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Simplicity — in a world full of unwanted complexity — is a theme I have been exploring from the past couple of months. Trent, over at The Simple Dollar, makes a great statement with respect to investment philosophy: The simpler you make your investments, the better. What do you think? Anyone bought into ULIPs (Unit […]

Dangerous Quotes In A Bull Market #3

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Today’s dangerous quotes are ample proof that “experts,” especially in all matters monetary, are no better off than the layman. Read every word – they’re diamonds. Source: An expert interview featured on CNBC/MoneyControl – Domestic fundamentals quite strong: Principal O(x)us Investment. All in all, 10% from these levels is certainly very doable, which puts us […]

Tweets on 2007-09-14

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I was hooked to these thoughts for quite some time today. In 1959, Benjamin Graham (author of The Intelligent Investor) had this to say about Initial Public Offerings (IPOs): Somewhere in the middle of the bull market the first common-stock flotations [i.e. IPOs] make their appearance. These are priced not unattractively, and some large profits […]