Tip: Where Can You Get Computerised Wheel Balancing And Alignment Done For Your Car Or Two-Wheeler In Bangalore?

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Head over to: Madhus Enterprises No. 35/5, Langford Road Near Double Road Circle Bangalore — 560 025. Tel: +91 80 41519430 / 50 Email: me [at] madhusindia [dot] com Highly recommended. I’ve personally witnessed their efficiency in service. They use high-precision wireless equipment to get the job done. You can also get your vehicle’s emission […]

Tweets on 2007-12-01

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If Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is really able to erect an underpass in just three days in Bangalore and throw it open to traffic, it would be a miracle that would rank just below God’s work of creating the world in six days. — Expert’s view on the BBMP’s proposed instant underpasses.

Recommended Product: Where Can You Buy An Inverter/UPS Solution For Your Home In Bangalore?

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If you need an Inverter/UPS solution for your house in Bangalore check out benson Services No. 37/5, Meanee Avenue, Tank Road, Bangalore – 560 042. Phone: 65705444, 65705445, 25511853, 25511854, 25547631 Web: bensonupsservices.com I have been a customer with benson Services for close to seven years now. The quality of their Inverter/UPS systems is top-notch […]

Make Hay While The Lightning Strikes

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And if you can’t do that, do what the Notary did: click pictures. As they say, there’s only one thing quicker than lightning: “The Notary with a Canon PowerShot A530.” To quote the Notary: Yesterday in Bangalore there were thunderstorms and lightning all over the place…So didn’t wanna let this opportunity go begging…So tried my […]

The Notary

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The BBC’s top serial “Top Gear” has a daredevil stuntman who goes by the name “The Stick.” The GEO blog is not far behind – it knows “The Notary,” up, close, and personal. And what’s “The Notary’s” latest stunt: “drinking a Barista masala chai takeaway with a long straw.” [Blogged from the Library]