Similarity Between Yoga and Investments!

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Yoga and investments: how are they even connected? One revolves around deep breathing and stretch-pants while the other involves stocks, bonds and people in suits. Well, it turns out that there are more similarities than you can imagine.

1) Disciplined efforts yield results

It is not possible to expect positive results after practicing yoga once or twice. Only through disciplined efforts can you appreciate the benefits of yoga. You need to commit to it with your body, mind, and soul.

Similarly, only through a disciplined approach, it is possible to achieve financial success through investments. For example, you can cultivate investment discipline by investing regularly in mutual funds through Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs). This can help you cultivate a large amount of money for your future goals like buying a house or creating a retirement fund.

2) The importance of patience

One of the main reasons why people perform yoga is that it makes people healthier. In addition to burning calories, it also helps you to relax and gain mental peace. However, it is not possible to see all these results after a single session of yoga. You need to have patience in order to witness these changes in your body and mind.

In the same way, don’t expect your financial results immediately after investing. You need to give it time and effort before you see your investments blossom and offer returns.

3) Practice makes you perfect

There are many different ‘asanas’ or postures that may be impossible to perform on your first try. Case in point: try doing the ‘sirshasana’ or the headstand by yourself. But with patience, you can slowly perform even the difficult asanas comfortably.

In the world of investments too, you cannot become a master just in a month or two. It takes committed efforts on your part to learn about the different approaches to investing. And once you learn, you need to put your knowledge into practice. Only through experience and constant learning, it is possible to become a good investor.

4) Long-term commitments

Yoga is not a fad. Rather, many people consider it as a lifestyle choice. There are a lot of people in the country who have been practicing it their entire lives. To truly benefit from the gifts, you need to have a lifelong relationship with yoga. In the same way, regular investments for the long-term are an important aspect of financial planning. By investing steadily in long-term equity funds, you can achieve goals such as retirement planning in a simple and easy manner.

5) Focus helps you reach your goal faster

While performing yoga, the important thing is to focus your concentration on your breath. There may be a lot of things going on around you. But you should not lose your focus on your goal.

In the same manner, the markets can be very volatile. Stocks can rise and plunge at the drop of a hat. Viewing these changes, many investors tend to panic. They sell off their investments in order to protect their capital. That does not mean you too should react to market shifts each and every time. These day to day changes should not affect your long-term focus. Fix your eye on the target and follow your investment plan. Don’t allow the short-term volatility to derail your long-term focus.

So the next time you are worried about investment results, remember how yoga is so similar. Take a deep breath or two and refocus on your goals. And as your body becomes healthier, your investments become stronger.

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