BSE To Revise Transaction Charges On Equity Segment From August 01, 2017

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With effect from Aug 1 trading is set to become more expensive as the share market news confirms. Bombay stock exchange is all set to make changes in the transaction charges on the equity segment next month onwards. BSE has decided to review the transaction charges for trading in equities. The trade in equities that are traded in lower volumes will be charged a comparatively higher fee from 1st August. The stock exchange has announced a new slab wise structure for the transaction fees for securities traded under various group of A, B and other non-exclusive scrips. Group A is the most tracked group involving around 300 scrips and the Group B contains more than 3,000 stocks, the legal news confirms.

Until now, the trade volumes up to 5 lakh was levied a fee of Rs.1 per trade, which now stands revised to transaction fee of Rs 1.5 per trade for the trade volumes up to 1 lakh as per BSE. As per the new slab structure shared by BSE, the transaction charges vary from Rs.0.50 to Rs. 1.5 per trade. Previously, since April 1, 2017, the stock exchange was charging the transaction fees from Rs. 1 per trade to Rs.0.30 per trade for different slabs.

BSE has communicated to all the traders that starting 1 August, 2017, the slab based rates for the transaction levies on per trade criterion for Group A, Group B and other non-exclusive scrips will be revised. The new transaction charges per trade will keep coming down with the raise in the number of monthly trade volumes.

As per the new trade slab, now the trader members of the stock exchange will have to pay Rs. 1.5 per trade for doing the monthly trades between the slab of 0 to 1 Lack. The transaction charges will be Rs1.25 per trade for the slab of1 Lack to 3 Lack number of transactions. Talking about the further monthly trade count slabs, the trading members will be levied a transaction fees of Rs 1 per trade for a monthly trade count between the slab of 3 Lack to 5 Lacks whereas a fee of Rs. 0.75 will be levied to the trade members for a monthly trade count between the slab of 5 Lack to 20 Lacks. The transaction fees will be Rs. 0.50 to the trading members if their monthly trade count is more than 20 Lakh. Previously, there were more monthly trade count slabs. For the monthly trade count between 30 Lakh to 40 Lakh, the transaction rate was Rs. 0.4 per trade for the traders and for the trade members who exceed their monthly trade count for more than 40 Lakh, the transaction rate was Rs. 0.3 per trade for them.

The basis of this classification is several. Some of the factors being market capitalization, trading volumes, trading count, the track records, profits and dividends, shareholding patterns, and some other qualitative aspects.

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