5 Things You Must Ensure Your Used Car Has

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Ishant decided to buy a used car, but was worried because a few years back, his father had a bad experience while buying a pre-owned vehicle. Mr Roy had bought the car from a friend, and based the transaction on trust. So, he did not carry out any checks. His friend had hidden many facts during the sale. In a few months, Mr Roy had an unusable vehicle. So, Ishant made sure to take some precautions. He carried out five essential checks when buying a used-car.

Are you also planning to buy a used car? Then make sure you check it properly before making the purchase.

Five essential used-car checks

Ensure that the car you are buying ticks the following boxes:

1. Tyres in good condition:
Conduct a thorough check on all four tyres before buying the car. Check for punctures and the quality of the threads; you should also check the age of the tyres. If possible, owners should change the tyres every two to three years. Make a note if the present tyres are older. Conduct these same checks on the spare tyre too.

2. Engine without flaws:

The used car must have a good engine in working condition. Check the engine carefully. Listen for strange noises or rattling; look for fluid leaks, and unusual vibrations. Find out if the engine has given trouble in the past. The car engine must be working in a smooth way before you buy the vehicle.

3. A sturdy chassis:

The chassis is the frame of the car. A good way to inspect the chassis is to crawl under the car. Check for rust, dents, cracks, and more. The chassis must be as strong and well-shaped as possible. This can give you a fair idea of the general condition of the car and its suspension. So, it is an important factor to consider.

4. Brakes you can rely on:

The brakes of the car must be in perfect condition. Under no circumstance should you drive a car that has faulty brakes. Take the car on a test drive to check just how responsive the brakes are. Drive slowly at first to check how well the brakes work. You can increase the speed if you are happy with the brakes. Check whether the car brakes smoothly when braking abruptly. Go ahead with the purchase only if you are completely sure.

5. Proper documentation and insurance:

All documents related to the car must be in order. Check the tax documents and insurance papers to ensure everything is up-to-date. Make sure there are no discrepancies or unresolved legal matters associated with the car or its registration papers. Then, you need to make sure if the current owner has paid all the premiums. At this point, try to transfer the no-claim bonus to your name.


If you are not confident of carrying out these checks yourself, take a trusted mechanic with you. The mechanic should be able to assess the car and its components in a correct manner. Wait for him to give you a proper report. Buy the car only if you are satisfied with all the checks. Few people buy the first car they see and not regret it. So, prepare to look around. Do not make a deal until you are happy on all counts.

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