Are Credit Card Reward Programs Worth?

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Credit card reward programs are the often the biggest reason why people apply for them and many card issuers provide exciting reward programs to attract potential customers and offer several incentives for choosing credit cards as the preferred mode of payment.

While many users who are savvy know that the primary purpose of credit cards is to use the interest free revolving credit that they offer to help manage your finances better. However, while this basic functionality is offered by all card issuers, it is the reward programs and allied benefits that come with using a credit card to make major expenses that really make them a compelling proposition.

It is not just a card that banks and card issuers are trying to sell, it more of a lifestyle that they believe will entice users and these benefits are real. Card issuers offer many rewards and incentives like discounts at major ecommerce portals, lifestyle brands and fine dining restaurants in order to attract high earning members who are salaried and make big spends on a regular basis.

Some premium cards also come with benefits like golf lessons and concierge assistance for high net worth individuals but these cards come with high annual membership charges. So for the most part, credit card providers had been watering down rewards programs for non-premium cards with low credit limits and making it harder to earn points or adding caps.

Consumers have also become smarter with their credit card use, using interest free days and balance transfers to reduce the interest they pay. This means banks are carrying more costs, which results in fewer benefits to customers. However, credit card rewards are still the most lucrative way to earn rewards like air miles and earn free travel opportunities thanks to your credit card!

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