Are Unforeseen Weather Conditions Covered Under Travel Insurance?

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There would be a hundred things that would go the way you wanted while you’re vacationing at your favorite holiday destination but your entire holiday could go for a toss with just a single mishap you didn’t see was coming for you. What if you break your leg during an adventure activity or simply fall sick?

Obviously, you didn’t expect to fall sick or break a leg after spending a fortune on your vacation. But what if you decided to go on a vacation despite the fact that you’ve got an ailing father back home and there are high chances that you may have to shorten your trip to attend to him in case his health deteriorates further. This is definitely a foreseeable event, an event that you already anticipated could occur. Your travel insurance will not cover the losses that incurred due to such a foreseeable event.

Nature can also be very brutal at times; unexpected changes in weather conditions can ruin your vacation. Let’s say your holiday destination welcomed you with a storm and you had to stay at a local lodge or the airport itself because you simply couldn’t travel to the resort. Your international travel insurance can reimburse your prepaid trip cost or reimburse the cost of your hotel room, while you were waiting for the storm to pass.

Let’s quickly look at the various scenarios that are covered by your international travel insurance for unforeseen weather conditions:

1. Natural disasters

In cases where the impact on your trip is due to a hurricane / storm, the trip cancellation and interruption losses will be covered in the travel insurance policy if it is purchased well in advance before the hurricane / storm was named. You will not be able to enjoy these benefits if you’ve bought the travel insurance after the hurricane / storm is named.

2. Services at airport are interrupted

If the airport is closed due to inclement weather, the travel insurance will cover the costs incurred for the delayed trip. Other reasonable accommodation and travel expenses will also be covered until it becomes possible for you to travel.

3. Damaged accommodation

If the resort/hotel you were to stay at is damaged and cannot provide an accommodation to you or are unable to make any other accommodation arrangements for you, then your nonrefundable costs will be reimbursed.

4. Missed / delayed flight

If there is a delay in the scheduled arrival or departure of a flight due to inclement weather, then this can affect your travel insurance cover depending on how severe the condition is. For example, you have a long travel itinerary and you missed a connecting flight to your next destination due to bad weather. The additional costs to catch up on your travel can be reimbursed by the travel insurance policy.

Timing plays a very important role when dealing with unforeseeable events like these. If there are even the slightest chances that weather conditions can affect your trip, it is wise to avoid taking the risk of traveling. Reliance Travel Insurance policies that take care of all your hassles while you enjoy your vacation.

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