The Capital Advisor Tribe

I was itching to write that title.

It’s been a while since I posted — yet again due to travel, this time a planned one — and by the time I got back there were some super-awesome comments on some of the recent posts.

First up, reader Ashwin introduced me to the concept of a “Restore Clause” in a health insurance policy (read the comments on that post for details). And as with any fancy-sounding marketing verbiage there’s more to it than meets the eye. Simply put, health insurance companies explain the terms and conditions of their restore clauses in gobbledygook. You simply can’t figure out what you’re getting into.

Next up, reader Madhu introduced me to the Reliance ATM Card (read-up details on this concept here and here).

I was hooked in an instant because —

  • The underlying primary mutual fund schemes have returned around 7% per annum.

  • No-fee cash withdrawal at any domestic ATM. No limit on the number of free transactions.
  • International cash withdrawal at Rs 69 + Service Tax. I recently paid Rs 125 + Service Tax for withdrawing cash from my Bank’s debit card. Ouch!

I like it a lot on first glance and if I like it some more I’ll give it a shot.

Quite some learning there.

Hats off to the Capital Advisor Tribe. You guys rock!

One thought on “The Capital Advisor Tribe

  1. @Vinaya, Glad you liked Reliance ATM :), I have been using this card from past 6 months and have found no problems as such and the returns from the funds are quite good as well around 9% (Annualized )in Money manager fund

    Only disadvantage I could think of is in terms of Taxation, since Savings acct Income is tax free for up to 10K and Debt MF’s STCG is added to one’s taxable income (Might not work out well for people at 30% tax bracket), but opting for Daily dividend reinvestment would be good idea as the DDT for debt funds is around 15%.

    Anyways I am bad at accounts and taxation , would wait for your analysis :)


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