Announcing the Winner Of the September Book Giveaway

First, my sincere apologies for delaying this. Unexpected work-related travel plus a bit of laziness from my side after coming back. There were several great responses to the September Book Giveaway for a full year’s subscription (12-issues; postal delivery) to Value Research’s Wealth Insight magazine.

As always, for me, the pain lies in picking just one winner out of several equally good entries.

So, this time around, the winner is Anil Kuppa. Anil also happens to be the first reader to win two book giveaways — about a year back he’d won the book giveaway for a copy of the book I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Congratulations Anil.

A round of applause to everyone who participated. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Announcing the Winner Of the September Book Giveaway

  1. Dear anil congratulation i would like to say that u r the deserving candidate by picking up the tvm concept here u rightly said that the npv of surrender value is more than the paid up value gud work keep it up buddy.

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