Tweets on 2012-10-26

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From a blog where each post pushes my imagination beyond its limits — To take a very simple example, when you are living off volatile cash flows and managing “personal” and “business” investments dynamically in a mixed way, all those retirement planning calculators are useless. You have to be constantly be deciding whether a cash […]

The October Book Giveaway — Tell Us What Your “Most Valuable Currency” Is and Stand a Chance to Win a Copy of the Book “Mindless Eating : Why We Eat More Than We Think”

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For the October Book Giveaway, here’s what I am interested in knowing — “What is your most valuable currency? And why?” For example: Do you believe that “Time” is the most important currency in your life? Or is “Happiness” more important to you than everything else? Or, is it good old “Cash”? I’d also like […]

Announcing the Winner Of the September Book Giveaway

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First, my sincere apologies for delaying this. Unexpected work-related travel plus a bit of laziness from my side after coming back. There were several great responses to the September Book Giveaway for a full year’s subscription (12-issues; postal delivery) to Value Research’s Wealth Insight magazine. As always, for me, the pain lies in picking just […]