Tweets on 2012-09-26

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Things have been pretty quiet around here for the past two weeks since I was traveling on work and often had to maintain an 18 x 5 schedule. But travel to me also means “a whole lot of expenses” and this time was no different. But thankfully, I didn’t have the usual cartload of expenses […]

The September Book Giveaway — Help a Reader Save Up To Rs 134,034 and Stand a Chance To Win a Year’s Subscription To Value Research Wealth Insight Magazine

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September’s Book Giveaway is fun to participate in and your comments could prove extremely helpful to one of our fellow readers. Continuing the story from where I left it last, a Capital Advisor reader wrote in — My husband, aged 35, has a Jeevan Anand policy for a sum assured of Rs 15 lacs for […]