Coffee Powder? Here You Go.
Now, How About Some Jeevan Anand “To-Go” With It?

I simply love coffee. You can hook me up permanently to a Coffee-IV and that would be a debt which I can never hope to repay.

Jokes apart, there’s this coffee bean grinding place near D’s place that dishes out some exceptionally aromatic coffee powder. I’m hooked to that coffee powder but unfortunately the owner of that place also happens to sell LIC policies on the side. You can almost predict what would happen in such a volatile situation!


After a few visits and chit-chat that confirmed my status as a “prospect”, I was pitched a “Jeevan Anand” life insurance policy — the once-in-your-lifetime saving-plus-investment-plus-insurance opportunity.


I’m beginning to think that “Jeevan Anand” is almost as good as God (not Gold). It’s invisible, omnipresent, and will have you begging for mercy each morning.

What do you think?

I’ll tell you another day about this email I just received where both the husband and wife have individual Jeevan Anand policies (for a total annual premium of about Rs 1.35 lacs) and they don’t know why they took the policies (“the agent sold it to us” is what I read).

So, coming back to my story, here’s how I escaped with just my coffee powder —

“I already have a Jeevan Anand policy for Rs 5 lacs for which I am paying a premium of Rs 25,000-odd each year. I’m already finding it difficult to pay that annual premium given all of my other EMIs (car loan, personal loan, etc.).

So, unfortunately, I will not be able to buy another policy at this time even though I know that my insurance cover is abysmally low. But once my EMIs are over in a few years’ time, I will definitely buy another Jeevan Anand policy from you.”

That did the trick.

And since I’m in a jokey-mood, here’s another one.

A business model for Starbucks in India — A Jeevan Anand “To-Go” with Your Espresso.


13 thoughts on “Coffee Powder? Here You Go.
Now, How About Some Jeevan Anand “To-Go” With It?

  1. @Vinaya,

    Good one… LIC has got a great reach now…… Few years back this was unheard off.
    Very soon we will find the local newspaper, milk, Grocery vendor selling such policies too and would give discount too for buying the policy.
    God save the people……..

  2. Vinaya,
    I am stuck with my JA policy :( I can’t even cancel bcos my dad doesn’t let me do that!! What is the premium, you ask? Its insanely high! I can’t reveal it in public, just to save meself from ridicule!!

  3. @raghu —

    Yep! My detailed statement did the trick.

    @Srinivas —

    What I’ve often seen is that just saying that you have a few EMIs that you’re finding really difficult to pay off each month seems to solve most such problems. The other trick that I use is to say that “my office is delaying salary payment due to recession.”

  4. Respected sir,

    As you said that your main priority is to remove your EMI’s, so I would recommend you to assign your jeevan anand policy to any financial institution and take a loan on sum assured of policy and pay all your loan. You can get upto 4,00,000

    By this way you can lower your EMI’ s amount and new loan amount which you have taken by assigning a policy will be less as loan by mortgaging assets have lower interest rate. By this way your policy will continue without surrendering and you can lower down your EMI’s by paying money to them you got by assigning loan

    Thank you

  5. Hi Vinay,

    I learned a lot from your blog. I never took one LIC. I feel lucky.

    My friend hold a New Bhima Gold for which he pays a premium of Rs 35000 per annum. He completed 2 year payment.

    After my advice he need to quit this.Like any one it was mis-selled by his relative.

    I told surrender as well as paid up option. But one of his friend told that it is better to collect first money back installment and stop paying there after.

    What would you suggest.


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