Twenty One Months and Counting On the ERE Journey…

Thought I’d post a quick progress report 21-months into my ERE-journey.

The first chart shows how volatile my monthly ERE-savings have been over the past couple of years. It’s been super difficult to maintain a steady savings rate.


But, on an average, my monthly ERE-savings stands at 44%. (Total ERE-savings ÷ Total Income = 44%.) Not a bad figure to achieve over a 21-month window. But I do wish that it were above 50%!

The next chart shows how my ERE-savings have grown (new savings added each month plus any interest earned) over the past couple of years. There was actually a dip during one bad month.


An 80% growth from where I started isn’t all that bad but then again I do wish that it were a 100%. I think I’ll reach the 2X mark over the next 3-months (and before the 24-month mark is up).

Wish me luck and thanks for all your support and encouragement along this journey. I’ll constantly share my learning as I enter a new phase on this journey.

6 thoughts on “Twenty One Months and Counting On the ERE Journey…

  1. @Rakesh —

    What really has surprised me during this whole exercise is my inability to keep that rate uniform or at least bound within a small range (say 40% — 45%).

    There simply is too much variability…

  2. you should also analyses the tax component you are paying , over time it should come down because you should be paying less taxes on your 2nd income, if this is not happening you are donating your money to Nobel prize winning Fraudsters of India…… which you must avoid

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