Fly With the Birds. Swim With the Dolphins. But What About Your Hard-Earned Money?

If you had some good entertainment last week, you’re surely in for a treat this week. How about this clipping from an ad for a certain “India Opportunities Fund” to kick start your entertainment this week?

Image of a mutual fund ad.

Note: Sorry about the slightly bad image quality. I had to click it in a hurry and then had to remove the rubber-stamp logo of the library from where I borrow all of the magazines that I read. Costs me just about Rs 400 each month for an armload of my favorite magazines.

Back to the topic.

It might be total fun to fly with those lovely white birds and then take a dive with those oh-so-cute dolphins, but what are you actually doing with my hard-earned money (apart from spending it on these colorful ads)? The fund’s mandate is to invest in a broad selection of large- and/or mid- and/or small-cap companies depending upon market conditions. Sounds more like stock churning at every possible opportunity.

And by the way, who’d be the one actually doing all of the flying and swimmingyou, the fund manager, or the distributor/agent? Who? Who? Who?

Just some fun for a Monday afternoon! Have a great week ahead!

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