The Motivation And Agenda Behind Capital Advisor

One of the key takeaways for me from the Art of Non-Conformity was to identify, to the extent possible, the motivation and agenda behind everyday transactions and especially so in virtual ones (such as what’s my motivation and agenda when you read what I write over here).

I gave this some introspection and then thought let me openly pen down my motivation and agenda behind Capital Advisor —

  • To share my experiences as I traverse through my own personal finance journey (long time readers would remember that I originally started — more than seven years ago — by writing about my social experiences)

  • To share my knowledge, thoughts, and perspectives about personal finance

  • To help you learn about and manage your personal finances better and to help you avoid pitfalls on your personal finance journey

  • To build a community (tribe?) that can collectively learn from each other (your insightful comments provide a solid foundation)

  • To build a small passive income stream from the advertising links that appear on the site

  • What you will never read on Capital Advisor is random stuff written by a small army of staff writers or sponsored/paid content from financial institutions. That’s my guarantee.

Over to you now. How many of the above points do you agree with?

6 thoughts on “The Motivation And Agenda Behind Capital Advisor

  1. Interesting and honest appraisal, i say. I can tell you that you are religiously following, what you set out to do.

    I am able to relate to many of the points you write about. And gained insights from some.

    I started my personal finance journey 3-4 years ago and i am currently in the learning stage. This learning is made easier by many PF blogs, available on the net. Thanks to all of them, i am slowly learning/charting my way in this wonderland.

    May you grow from strength to strength in this journey and enrich the financial knowledge of the visitors enroute.

  2. @Vinaya,

    You are doing a great job out there in educating people and i am sure a lot of them have benefited too (who can forget the downloads for surrendering LIC & BSNL broadband).
    Continue to do the good work…


  3. Hi Vinaya,
    I must say that we the readers are indebted to you for such a nice well presented blog on the mechanics of finance in our day to day lives .In this world,where in every walks of life we are always (more often than not ) cheated by the various powers to be ,your blog is a silver lining in this dark clouded sky of financial matters .

    I really appreciate your tenacity for helping the common man out there ,who nobody in the realms of power give a damn to help.


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