How To Check the Balance On Your ICICI Bank Meal Card?

Now that I have an ICICI Bank Meal Card from work and the first set of meal allowance amounts have been credited, the next step is to figure out how to check the balance on this card (and also to know if the monthly meal allowance has been credited). Thankfully, someone else at work had done the needed legwork and I get to post their efforts out here. So, here’s how you can log in and check the balance on your ICICI Bank Meal Card —

  • Use the 16-digit (without spaces) card number seen on the front portion of your ICICI Bank Meal Card as the User ID. Example: 4121345621415634.

  • Use the first 4-letters of your name (in capitals) together (without spaces) with the last 4-digits of the above 16-digit card number as the default password. Example: VINA5634. The portal will prompt you to change your password after your first login.

  • Go to Statement => Current Statement to see if the meal allowance has been credited.

  • Go to Statement => Balance Amount to check the available balance on the card.

I don’t know if anyone else among you is using this meal card in which case this information is totally useless to you — but you might know someone who is and you could forward this information on to them.

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