Trends: Capital Advisor’s Impact On the Indian Telecom Industry

Some time last year, I decided to ditch my BSNL Broadband Connection in favor of one from Airtel. I wrote a detailed DIY post on how to surrender and close your BSNL broadband connection. Here are some interesting statistics on how many readers have downloaded my “connection surrender request letter” template —

Image showing download statistics for my bsnl broadband connection closure letter template

Data as on 06-May-2012 @ 17:10 IST.

What a pity. There’s no way to measure this impact on BSNL’s Balance Sheet / P & L.

4 thoughts on “Trends: Capital Advisor’s Impact On the Indian Telecom Industry

  1. @Vinaya,

    Wow, amazing, 4500+ readers. Even if 2000 readers would have actually closed their connection and would have a monthly plan of Rs. 500 it would be a loss of Rs. 10 lakhs to BSNL every month.

    Great work… Way to go…………


  2. Hi Vinaya,
    Thanks for this blog.
    My BSNL broadband bandwidth is a misery.
    From last month it is below 500 kbps (Supposed to be 2 mbps).
    So downlaoded the forms…
    Need to submit before the begining of the next billing cycle before the bill date
    and get this connection disconnected.
    Which plan of airtel have u opted and how is it?

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