Goals First. Investments Next.

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Here’s a question that I often receive — Hi. I’ve recently started my career at a software firm. I earn Rs XX,000 per month. Being new to personal finance, I’m not aware of investment options for beginners. Could you please guide me towards suitable investment options? Whenever I see such a question or an equivalent […]

Tweets on 2012-05-11

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So, here’s some of the “expert” unactionable advise I’ve read of late (in a personal finance magazine) — Markets are receding, but it’s not the time to go bottom fishing. There will be enough opportunities and some! Which opportunities? When? How much? Are you willing to place a bet on your own advice? And I […]

Revisited Again (and Again!) — Frequently Asked Questions About the Sodexo Meal Coupons and Sodexo Meal Cards

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The recent Sodexo Meal Coupon fiasco seems to be causing a whole bunch of stress and heartburn to employees everywhere. Read through this FAQ issued by D’s office to see the kind of thought’s running through employees’ minds — Why are you changing the existing agreement? Why can’t we continue with the same? The Law […]