I’m Quite Sure Your Parents Wouldn’t Need You For This

Here’s an ad that I saw from the “bank that claims to know it all”

Image of an ad from HSBC

Tell me this — would your parents be proud/happy knowing that you’ve taken a personal loan to pay for their vacation? I’m also quite sure that they aren’t going to say “We’re so so proud of you my dear son/daughter. At 18% per annum plus a 2% processing fee, we’re quite delighted that you’ve taken a personal loan from the bank that claims to know it all just so that we can go on this vacation of our lifetime. I’m confident that we’ll have a really great time while you sit here worrying about how to pay the EMIs for the next several years.”

Yeah. 18% + 2%, that’s the nightmare you’d be getting into.

Image of a chart showing interest rate and processing fee for a personal loan from HSBC

What our parents would instead say is “Get the hell out of here. Do you really think that we need your money to go on a vacation? Or is it the other way around my dear son/daughter?”

Caution: I know that I that might be generalizing/stereotyping a bit here (please let me know if you think otherwise). But in general, I truly believe that our parents are way more hard working, are financially way smarter, know the real value of money, and don’t really need our help financially. I wish I could at least be a fraction of what my parents were.

Also shows how little the bank that claims to know it all actually knows. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “I’m Quite Sure Your Parents Wouldn’t Need You For This

  1. Can’t agree more with you on that.
    I would be interested to meet those chaps, if there are any, who borrowed from this bank and sent their parents on vacation.


  2. @Vinaya,

    Good one. HSBC sales team are good, they use good catchy/emotional phrase, i think there would be quite a few people will fall for it. 18% + 2%, that’s way way high.

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