Trends: ULIP Surrender Request Template — Downloads by Country

As a follow-up to my recent post on Capital Advisor’s impact on the Indian life insurance industry, I thought it’d be a fun idea to figure out where all those download requests for my ULIP Surrender Request Letter template were coming from.

Here’s a chart of the Top-10 Countries along with the total number of download requests coming from each of them. Not much surprise over here given the rule of thumb distribution of the Indian diaspora.

What do you think?

Capital Advisor ULIP Download Statistics by Country

Data as on 03-Apr-2012

5 thoughts on “Trends: ULIP Surrender Request Template — Downloads by Country

  1. @Vinaya,

    Wow, this is awesome man……. over 2000 people have downloaded the template. Even if 1000 people actually submit then that too will be quite an achievement. Great work Vinaya, continue to educate your readers.

  2. I surrendered ULIP.. But i did not download any thing. I just went to the company directly and filled the hard copy and surrendered.

    Like me majority of the people might have been done. If you add those also.. then…. wow…what will be the count..

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