This is Hilarious! An End-to-End Retirement Solution?

About a month back, you read my analysis of the Bajaj Allianz Cash Rich Insurance Plan. From the analysis, you also found out that it’s most certainly NOT YOU who’s becoming rich as part of this plan (literally?).

So, imagine my utter horror when I came across this interview piece (in a personal finance magazine) with management —


I really can’t find that “corpus which can be used in your retirement years” anywhere! What you actually get from this plan is more of a financial corpse than a financial corpus. And what’s that end-to-end retirement solution? You end your working career and then get ended by this plan?

Seriously! Run away as fast as you can in the opposite direction. I can’t even fathom what that pension [tension?] product being talked about would look like. I’m already running away just hearing about it.

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