Investment Math: How to Calculate the Returns or Yield on a 5-Year Tax-Saving Fixed Deposit? Plus a Chance to Win a Personal Finance Book

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I happened to see the below ad for a 5-Year Tax-Saving Fixed Deposit from Canara Bank. Whenever I see such calculations for a financial product, my first instinct is to try and figure these out by myself. Upon a first and casual glance, the ad seems to boldly project that everyone who invests would get […]

Tweets on 2012-03-07

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Read elsewhere — Risk is typically measured as the variability of returns. Thus, a bank fixed deposit with sure shot 10 percent returns versus a mid-cap stock that could return 30 percent or lose 10 percent have very different risk-return profiles. I also happened to read an interview with the CEO of a life insurance […]

Decrease In My FMP’s NAV!

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Well, how about that! I’m actually seeing a decrease in my FMP’s NAV. From 10.0000 to 9.9961! I recently reinvested the proceeds from one of my matured Fixed Maturity Plans into another Fixed Maturity Plan of equivalent tenure but from a different fund house. A few days later, when I checked the NAV I found […]