Tweets on 2012-02-26


The hidden message being —

  • We managed to fool you all these years under the guile of “Premium Allocation Charges.” No one in this industry knows why there has to be a special charge just to allocate your premium (premium = your hard-earned money). And no one in this industry even wants to know why that allocation charge is a function of time.

  • The best you can do now is to stick around with us because if you switch you’ll be an even bigger fool (remember, we’ve extracted all that we can out of you into our balance sheet) for paying that “Premium Allocation Charge” to someone else yet again.

I seriously hate this “holier than thou” attitude.

One thought on “Tweets on 2012-02-26

  1. When I surrendered Tata Maha Life Policy(as i took good Term policy..), they gave me the following.. Refund = Total amount paid – 1st year premium+ 30% of all other premiums from 2nd year onwards..OMG.. I got Big Tirupathi Laddu..

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