Tweets on 2012-02-26

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The hidden message being — We managed to fool you all these years under the guile of “Premium Allocation Charges.” No one in this industry knows why there has to be a special charge just to allocate your premium (premium = your hard-earned money). And no one in this industry even wants to know why […]

Tweets on 2012-02-20

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AMB CHRG INCL ST & CESS FOR JAN 2012. That’s the cryptic transaction wording seen in my HDFC Bank Savings Account for a debit of Rs 386.05. I think I know what this sneaky charge is for — for non-maintenance of some minimum average cash balance in my savings account. HDFC Bank has levied this […]

Tweets on 2012-02-04

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Travel, travel, and more travel. To California and then to Mumbai. That’s been the theme over the past month. All on official work. Capital Advisor was on auto-pilot for some time and then once the scheduled posts ran out things went a bit quiet since I couldn’t find the time to write. Over the next […]