2012 Money To Dos

After the lengthy treatise in 2011, thought I’d keep things simple in 2012. So, my primary money to dos for 2012 are:

  • Purchase an online term plan in my name by April 15, 2011 (to qualify for the income tax savings). However, I will complete and publish my research for your review and feedback by mid-February.

That’s about it. If I achieve these three (and especially the last two), I’ll be extremely happy. The routine stuff (stay out of debt, increase emergency fund, etc.) is still there, just that I don’t want to bore you all over again with the details. As I progress, I’ll also write in detail about these three since that’s what many of you have also been asking for.

I’d usually end by asking you about your goals, but I’ll hold-on to asking that in the January Book Giveaway coming up very very soon.

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