Announcing the Winner of the December Book Giveaway

The response to the Savings and Investment Yearbook 2012 by Value Research book giveaway was awesome. A big thanks to everyone who participated. This is one away I can give back something to the wonderful Capital Advisor community. I seriously wish there could be more than one winner per giveaway…maybe somewhere down the road.

Coming back, the winner is T S Ashok.

Congratulations Ashok! I’m writing to you separately for your mailing address.

Stay tuned for the January book giveaway (hint: it’s a book on the capital markets).

One thought on “Announcing the Winner of the December Book Giveaway

  1. Hi Vinaya,

    Thank You Very Much. This makes me to feel that I too have some Financial Knowledge. And really my financial thoughts are developed by reading your blogs..

    Thanks again.

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