Tweets on 2011-12-16

Mutual funds today provide helpful tools like systematic transfer plans that can help the investors achieve the derisking objective with ease and convenience.

Read in the December 14, 2011 issue of Outlook Money.

I wonder why they even consider publishing such expert commentary. As an investor, have you ever had a “Derisking objective that you achieved through an STP?”

2 thoughts on “Tweets on 2011-12-16

  1. STP gives investors the best of both words. It allows investor to build an equity portfolio without taking huge risk. The time the money is not invested in equities , it generates huge returns in the debt portfolio..

    STP works exactly like a SIP Investment , except a basic difference : In SIP , the monthly investment is debited from your bank account ; In STP the amount transfer from an existing scheme to another..

    STP is a useful risk mitigation tool which aims to provide better returns at the same time. It can therefore be considered when making investment decisions in volatile market conditions..

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