ERE Savings Chart — November 2011 and Some Good News!


Around this time last year, I’d said that one my seven money resolutions for 2011 was:

To grow my Financial Independence Portfolio by at least 3% month-on-month and by at least 50% year-on-year.

I’ll hit 41%.

And I think that’s a pretty pretty good achievement. So, I went out and splurged. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 — something that I’d been eying for quite some time now. And no, the funds didn’t come from the Financial Independence Portfolio. That would be a disaster. Instead, the funds came from all the reimbursement bills I’d accumulated over the year but not submitted.

The S2’s a phone worth owning. Notary would agree.

3 thoughts on “ERE Savings Chart — November 2011 and Some Good News!

  1. Hi vinay

    I am new reader of your blog. Just read one or two blog of yours. Frankly, I am finding it little difficult to understand couple of your blogs.
    What I have understood is that you are working hard towards achieving your financial independence but that’s your personal progress that you are sharing in your blog.

    for example in this article you are talking of terminologies like “3% month-on-month and by at least 50% year-on-year.” and “I’ll hit 41%.”

    I, as a new reader finding it hard to understand some of the information. What is ERE here ? There is no explanation of the chart…what you have on “y” axis ?

    is it something like you saving 45% in oct. 2010 out of your monthly income(salary)

    can you please write some more information that will be helpful to new readers


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