Tweets on 2011-11-21


Rs 44,500! Seriously. WTF?

If I actually had 44,500 to spare, what I’d do is somehow find another 5,500 and round it up to 50,000. I’d then put this 50,000 in a Fixed Deposit or a Fixed Maturity Plan. At 08% — 10%, that would add another 4,000 — 5,000 each year to my ERE-kitty.

Note: I got this pre-launch invite in my email since I’m supposedly an Airtel Platinum Customer. Thankfully, I don’t have “Platinum” spending power.

One thought on “Tweets on 2011-11-21

  1. From a reader over email:

    I’m not a “platinum” customer. Hell, I’m not even a customer. And I got a similar mail. And the monthly schemes r screwed up as well. Well, I’m happy with a BB. And am planning to use it till it dies on me. Its smart enuf for me ;)

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