Tweets on 2011-10-19

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Found this really interesting analogy between flying and personal finance on Morningstar (emphasis mine): Let me tell you a story about when I used to be an airline pilot back and in another life. Before 9/11, we could get up and wander back in the cabin and talk to passengers and stretch our legs and […]

My First Credit Card Experience

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My first tryst with a credit card was about twelve or thirteen years back. My elder sister had just started work at a local software firm where her salary was directly credited into an HSBC Savings Account. Not too later, HSBC offered her a Silver Credit Card with a grand credit limit of Rs 20,000. […]

Follow Capital Advisor on Facebook and Google+

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Capital Advisor is now on Facebook (finally!) and Google+. On FB and G+, you will have access to some exclusive content plus you’ll also get to know more about my personal side (something that I consciously avoid here). The usual subscription channels continue to exist. If you’ve been reading Capital Advisor directly on the web […]

The Fallacy of Traditional Retirement Calculations

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The more I read about retirement calculations in leading personal finance publications, the greater is my conviction that there is something fundamentally wrong with their methodology. Depending upon the particular case in hand (i.e. family being studied), I’ve seen figures of 4.5 crore, 6 crore, 7.2 crore, … , and recently even 14 crore thrown […]