Tweets on 2011-09-21

Amidst all the other hectic things going on in our lives, our individual Star Health Medi Classic policies completed their first policy anniversary. This happened way back in July. Since my annual expenses planning system works exceptionally well, I simply issued a check for the premium due. Seamless. I’d opted for individual policies to keep things simple and to avail higher coverage. None of the family floaters were to my liking — I either found the terms and conditions unfavorable or the coverage to be too low.

Funny thing is, sometime in June, I actually had a dream in which I completely forget the premium due date and the policy lapses. I recollect springing out of bed and running to the cupboard — and the file inside it — to check the due date! I’ve been intending to create a personal finance calendar but haven’t got around to doing so. Now’s as good a time as any.
Any suggestions? Google Calendar?

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  1. On Star Health, I had taken a Family Floater with 2A+1C with a coverage of 1 lac two years back. I recently received a letter from Star Health, stating that due to adverse claims ratio last year, they are forced to increase the premium and that they are doing away with the 1lac coverage itself. Believe it or not, the new premium for this policy is at 10k versus. 2k that I paid last year!

  2. I’ve heard about Remember The Milk from elsewhere too. Will give both Google Calendar and RTM a shot and see which one works.


    Ouch! Unfortunately, many health insurance providers seem to be doing this. I’m not a big fan of family floater plans because they’re quite complex in the way they work. Have you considered taking individual policies?

  3. Didn’t think of individual policies till date as I thought it’s tough to keep track of each person’s policy renewal date and other hassles associated with the claims for different policies. But guess it makes sense now to scrutinize individual policies after this policy shift that came as a shocker from Star Health

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