Unit Linked Health Plans — When Your Health Mimics the Stock Market

Consider these Risk Factors copied verbatim from a Unit Linked Health Insurance Policy ad that I happened to see on this blog itself (snarky comments mine):

  • The premiums paid in unit linked plans are subject to investment risks associated with capital markets. (Means we’re going to have fun gambling on your health with your own hard-earned money; means we’re also going to get our fat-fee no matter what happens to your health.)

  • The value of the units (and in direct proportion, your health) may go up or down based on the performance of the fund.

  • Other factors influencing the capital market affect the value of the units. Hence you, as the policyholder, are responsible for all your decisions. (Means we really have no idea why we’re in this business in the first place…wait…oh yes, we do, for the fat-fee.).

  • None of our funds offer a guaranteed or assured return. (Means you better pray to the Almighty that you fall sick when during a bull-run.)

  • The past performance of our other funds does not necessarily indicate the future performance of any of these funds. (Again, we really, seriously, have no clue why we’re in this business to begin with, except for that…umm…fat-fee.)

I doubt you’d want to fall for these [legalized] scams.

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