International Roaming on Airtel Postpaid — Key Takeaways

Whenever I travel abroad on work, I make it a point to activate International Roaming on my Airtel Postpaid connection. D and I effectively use “missed calls” as a communication mechanism without incurring those exorbitant roaming charges. Before my recent trip to NYC, upon activation, Airtel sent an email that had a couple of key things to keep in mind when you activate International Roaming. Excerpts from that email follow:

Credit Limit — To provide you continued connectivity with your loved ones while you are away, Airtel ensures you are connected. Credit Limit will not be applicable while you are in International Roaming and hence your usage during this time is not restricted to your Credit Limit. Considering significantly higher usage charges in International Roaming, we may require you to make interim payments. Payments can be made via debit or credit card by logging onto

Billing — In case the details of any chargeable events are not provided in your bill for the month where the International Roaming usage is availed, these would be included in subsequent bills for up to three months. This is on exceptional basis as the usage details from the separate service provider may be billed up to three months after receipt.

I did make and receive a few calls on a couple of occasions. I was thankfully not asked to make any interim payments and I hope everything’s charged in the current billing cycle itself. I also keep a reminder to deactivate the International Roaming facility as soon as I’m back home — it’s quite easy to forget to do this and you end up paying for unnecessary services month after month. International Data Services, are however, always blocked.

Now, I wish there was a way to block receiving those umpteen spam SMSes.

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