ERE Savings Chart — August, 2011 and an ERE-book Giveaway

Update on 24-Sep-2011:

My apologies for the prolonged delay in announcing the winner of the book giveaway. Finally managed to draw lots and the winner is Ashutosh Tewari. Congratulations! There will be another book giveaway next month. Next up on the giveaway list is I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Here’s the August, 2011 update:


Again, nothing out of the ordinary. I seem to have settled into a sweet spot between all my needs and wants.

I completed reading the ERE book as well. The first half is an excellent read; the second half seems to be a rush through, but pretty useful nonetheless. I’d now like to hand this knowledge source over through a book giveaway. Here’s how you can grab the ERE book. Simply leave a comment explaining why this book would be of great benefit to you today. I’ll draw lots and announce the winner mid-September.

10 thoughts on “ERE Savings Chart — August, 2011 and an ERE-book Giveaway

  1. I am completely in a financial mess. I am trying to fix this – already taken necessary steps to close my home loan et al. But still struggling to increase my savings. I am not able to save more than 15% of my income now :( This book will definitely benefit me.

  2. Dear Vinaya,

    Being a regular reader and follower of your blog, have benefited by implementing few of your ideas in my personal finance. Now with the e-book I am sure I will able gain better knowledge and understanding which will help me fine tune my PF and move closer to my goal of Financial Freedom.


  3. I am undeserving of your book [I am not saying that to win it :-) ] but I must tell you that this is a nice gesture on your part. I also like the way you encourage conversations on your blog and not just make it a one-way street. Great going Vinaya. Please keep it going :-)

  4. I have contributed posts to your blog and you owe me like 589 treats. I am an avid reader. I know zilch about financial planning :). Besides I was the one what gave you the idea of give away (even though you’d seen it on other blogs previously).
    So, obviously, I should be getting the book.

  5. I have been an avid reader of this website from the past one year. I helped myself by subscribing to your website. Now, I feel I truly deserve your e-book :)

    thanks to you, jaagoinvestor and, I’ve made good decisions.

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