Tweets on 2011-08-22

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Look what I found in my email:

Greetings from Club Mahindra!

We are pleased to inform you that Club Mahindra is offering you an exclusive membership package that includes:

  • 1-week of International Holiday through Dial-an-Exchange
  • 7-days holiday for 25-years
  • Apple iPhone 4
  • Rs 5,000 worth of Resort credit vouchers
  • Access to 6,500 RCI-affiliated Resorts worldwide
  • Membership at inflation-free rates

Membership fee can be paid in easy EMI scheme. This is a limited period offer, valid on first come first serve basis.



At my previous job, a colleague was offered an LCD TV (in fashion then) in lieu of the iPhone 4 (in fashion now). Going against my advise and the consumer research that I pointed him to, he fell for the sweet-sounding marketing gimmicks. In his mind, he was already taking his wife and kids to exotic locations for the next twenty-five years. Last I heard, he was trying to send the LCD TV back and recover his money because they never had the dates that matched his dates.

Seriously, stay away from these “limited period offers.”

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